ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-1177-g6cb3b62
d3dx9_base_effect Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for d3dx9_base_effect:

Public Attributes

struct ID3DXEffectImpleffect
UINT parameter_count
UINT technique_count
UINT object_count
struct d3dx_top_level_parameterparameters
struct d3dx_techniquetechniques
struct d3dx_objectobjects
struct d3dx_effect_poolpool
DWORD flags
ULONG64 version_counter
struct wine_rb_tree param_tree
unsigned int full_name_tmp_size

Detailed Description

Definition at line 151 of file effect.c.

Member Data Documentation

◆ effect

◆ flags

DWORD d3dx9_base_effect::flags

Definition at line 164 of file effect.c.

◆ full_name_tmp

char* d3dx9_base_effect::full_name_tmp

Definition at line 169 of file effect.c.

◆ full_name_tmp_size

unsigned int d3dx9_base_effect::full_name_tmp_size

Definition at line 170 of file effect.c.

◆ object_count

UINT d3dx9_base_effect::object_count

Definition at line 157 of file effect.c.

◆ objects

struct d3dx_object* d3dx9_base_effect::objects

Definition at line 161 of file effect.c.

◆ param_tree

struct wine_rb_tree d3dx9_base_effect::param_tree

Definition at line 168 of file effect.c.

◆ parameter_count

UINT d3dx9_base_effect::parameter_count

Definition at line 155 of file effect.c.

◆ parameters

struct d3dx_top_level_parameter* d3dx9_base_effect::parameters

Definition at line 159 of file effect.c.

◆ pool

struct d3dx_effect_pool* d3dx9_base_effect::pool

Definition at line 163 of file effect.c.

◆ technique_count

UINT d3dx9_base_effect::technique_count

Definition at line 156 of file effect.c.

◆ techniques

struct d3dx_technique* d3dx9_base_effect::techniques

Definition at line 160 of file effect.c.

◆ version_counter

ULONG64 d3dx9_base_effect::version_counter

Definition at line 166 of file effect.c.

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