ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-326-g1c504f4
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1 #pragma once
3 extern struct _pci_desc pci1_desc;
4 extern struct _idectl_desc ide1_desc;
5 extern struct _vga_desc vga1_desc;
6 struct _pci_bar {
7  unsigned long data;
8 };
10 void sync( void );
11 void PpcPrepInit( void );
12 void ide_seek( void *extension, int low, int high );
13 int ide_read( void *extension, char *buffer, int bytes );
14 void ide_setup( void *extension );
16 void print_bar( struct _pci_bar *bar );
17 void pci_setup
19  struct _pci_desc *pci_desc );
20 void pci_read_bar
21 ( struct _pci_desc *pci_desc,
22  int bus, int dev, int fn, int bar,
23  struct _pci_bar *bar_data );
25 void vga_setup
27  struct _pci_desc *pci_desc, struct _vga_desc *vga_desc,
28  int bus, int dev, int fn );
static GLenum _GLUfuncptr fn
Definition: wgl_font.c:159
unsigned long data
Definition: prep.h:7
void PpcPrepInit(void)
Definition: prep.c:123
GLuint buffer
Definition: glext.h:5915
int ide_read(void *extension, char *buffer, int bytes)
Definition: prep_ide.c:50
static unsigned char bytes[4]
Definition: adnsresfilter.c:74
void ide_seek(void *extension, int low, int high)
Definition: prep_ide.c:17
void vga_setup(PCONFIGURATION_COMPONENT_DATA pci_bus, struct _pci_desc *pci_desc, struct _vga_desc *vga_desc, int bus, int dev, int fn)
Definition: prep_vga.c:13
void sync(void)
Definition: prep.c:9
void pci_setup(PCONFIGURATION_COMPONENT_DATA pci_bus, struct _pci_desc *pci_desc)
Definition: prep_pci.c:96
struct _idectl_desc ide1_desc
Definition: prep_ide.c:15
void ide_setup(void *extension)
Definition: prep_ide.c:73
struct _vga_desc vga1_desc
Definition: prep_vga.c:11
struct _pci_desc pci1_desc
Definition: prep_pci.c:13
Definition: prep.h:6
void print_bar(struct _pci_bar *bar)
Definition: prep_pci.c:87
void pci_read_bar(struct _pci_desc *pci_desc, int bus, int dev, int fn, int bar, struct _pci_bar *bar_data)
Definition: prep_pci.c:57