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tmdump::property_print Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 property_print (std::FILE *out_)
void operator() (const tm_property_t &property_)
- Public Member Functions inherited from tmdump::print
 print (std::FILE *out_)

Private Member Functions

wchar_t consttype_name (const tm_property_t &property_)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from tmdump::print

Detailed Description

Definition at line 74 of file themedump.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ property_print()

tmdump::property_print::property_print ( std::FILE out_)

Definition at line 100 of file themedump.cpp.

100 : print(out_) { }
print(std::FILE *out_)
Definition: themedump.cpp:71

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

Definition at line 102 of file themedump.cpp.

103  {
105  (
106  m_out,
107  L"%s\t%s\t%d\n",
108  type_name(property_),
111  );
112  }
std::FILE * m_out
Definition: themedump.cpp:68
wchar_t const * type_name(const tm_property_t &property_)
Definition: themedump.cpp:79
#define L(x)
Definition: ntvdm.h:50
_Check_return_opt_ _CRTIMP int __cdecl fwprintf(_Inout_ FILE *_File, _In_z_ _Printf_format_string_ const wchar_t *_Format,...)

◆ type_name()

wchar_t const* tmdump::property_print::type_name ( const tm_property_t property_)

Definition at line 79 of file themedump.cpp.

80  {
81  switch(property_.type)
82  {
83  case TMT_STRING: return L"LPWSTR";
84  case TMT_INT: return L"int";
85  case TMT_BOOL: return L"BOOL";
86  case TMT_COLOR: return L"COLORREF";
87  case TMT_MARGINS: return L"MARGINS";
88  case TMT_FILENAME: return L"LPWSTR";
89  case TMT_SIZE: return L"SIZE";
90  case TMT_POSITION: return L"POINT";
91  case TMT_RECT: return L"RECT";
92  case TMT_FONT: return L"LOGFONT";
93  case TMT_INTLIST: return L"INTLIST";
94  case TMT_ENUM: return property_.enum_type->first.c_str();
95  default: return L"<unknown>";
96  }
97  }
#define TMT_BOOL
Definition: vssym32.h:137
#define TMT_ENUM
Definition: themedump.cpp:26
Definition: vssym32.h:145
Definition: vssym32.h:139
#define L(x)
Definition: ntvdm.h:50
#define TMT_STRING
Definition: vssym32.h:135
#define TMT_FONT
Definition: vssym32.h:144
#define TMT_RECT
Definition: vssym32.h:143
Definition: vssym32.h:140
#define TMT_INT
Definition: vssym32.h:136
Definition: vssym32.h:142
#define TMT_COLOR
Definition: vssym32.h:138
#define TMT_SIZE
Definition: vssym32.h:141

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