ReactOS  0.4.12-dev-75-g00dd17e


#define SPAN_RGBA   0x01
#define SPAN_Z   0x02
#define SPAN_FLAT   0x04
#define SPAN_XY   0x08
#define SPAN_MASK   0x10
#define SPAN_LAMBDA   0x20
#define SPAN_COVERAGE   0x40

Detailed Description

Special bitflags to describe span data.

In general, the point/line/triangle functions interpolate/emit the attributes specified by swrast->_ActiveAttribs (i.e. FRAT_BIT_* values). Some things don't fit into that, though, so we have these flags.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define SPAN_COVERAGE   0x40

array.coverage[] valid?

Definition at line 56 of file s_span.h.

Referenced by _swrast_write_rgba_span(), line(), and smooth_point().


#define SPAN_FLAT   0x04

interpMask: flat shading?

Definition at line 52 of file s_span.h.

Referenced by interpolate_int_colors(), and NAME().


#define SPAN_LAMBDA   0x20

array.lambda[] valid?

Definition at line 55 of file s_span.h.

Referenced by interpolate_texcoords(), and line().


#define SPAN_MASK   0x10

was array.mask[] filled in by caller?

Definition at line 54 of file s_span.h.

Referenced by _swrast_Bitmap(), _swrast_write_rgba_span(), clip_span(), and smooth_point().