ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-1638-gc0caa5c
config.h File Reference
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#define MAX_PATH   260
#define DIR_SEPARATOR_CHAR   '/'
#define MANUFACTURER_ID   "ReactOS Foundation"
#define PUBLISHER_ID   "ReactOS Foundation"
#define DATA_PREP_ID   "ReactOS Foundation"
#define APP_ID   "CDMAKE CD-ROM Premastering Utility"

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#define APP_ID   "CDMAKE CD-ROM Premastering Utility"

Definition at line 15 of file config.h.


#define DATA_PREP_ID   "ReactOS Foundation"

Definition at line 14 of file config.h.


#define DIR_SEPARATOR_CHAR   '/'

Definition at line 5 of file config.h.



Definition at line 6 of file config.h.


#define MANUFACTURER_ID   "ReactOS Foundation"

Definition at line 12 of file config.h.


#define MAX_PATH   260

Definition at line 3 of file config.h.


#define PUBLISHER_ID   "ReactOS Foundation"

Definition at line 13 of file config.h.