ReactOS  0.4.15-dev-5459-gb85f005
kdebugprint.h File Reference
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#define DPrintf(Level, MSG, ...)   if ((!bDebugPrint) || Level > virtioDebugLevel) {} else VirtioDebugPrintProc(MSG, __VA_ARGS__)
#define DEBUG_ENTRY(level)   DPrintf(level, "[%s]=>\n", __FUNCTION__)
#define DEBUG_EXIT_STATUS(level, status)   DPrintf((status == NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS ? level : 0), "[%s]<=0x%X\n", __FUNCTION__, (status))


typedef void(* tDebugPrintFunc) (const char *format,...)


int virtioDebugLevel
int bDebugPrint
tDebugPrintFunc VirtioDebugPrintProc

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#define DEBUG_ENTRY (   level)    DPrintf(level, "[%s]=>\n", __FUNCTION__)

Definition at line 10 of file kdebugprint.h.


#define DEBUG_EXIT_STATUS (   level,
)    DPrintf((status == NDIS_STATUS_SUCCESS ? level : 0), "[%s]<=0x%X\n", __FUNCTION__, (status))

Definition at line 11 of file kdebugprint.h.

◆ DPrintf

#define DPrintf (   Level,
)    if ((!bDebugPrint) || Level > virtioDebugLevel) {} else VirtioDebugPrintProc(MSG, __VA_ARGS__)

Definition at line 8 of file kdebugprint.h.

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◆ tDebugPrintFunc

typedef void(* tDebugPrintFunc) (const char *format,...)

Definition at line 5 of file kdebugprint.h.

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◆ bDebugPrint

int bDebugPrint

Definition at line 41 of file ParaNdis-Debug.c.

Referenced by WppEnableCallback().

◆ virtioDebugLevel

int virtioDebugLevel

Definition at line 39 of file ParaNdis-Debug.c.

◆ VirtioDebugPrintProc

tDebugPrintFunc VirtioDebugPrintProc

Definition at line 146 of file ParaNdis-Debug.c.